Trying to find a good waxer can be a daunting task especially for time poor people who, have not got all the time in the world.

DeluxeBeauty offers a first class service in body waxing in Bentleigh East for men and women. Our qualified therapist have been waxing for over 10 years and ensure the treatments are completed in a timely fashion. Our salon is luxurious and the treatment rooms are very spacious unlike some salons where space is limited. We take pride in having a clean salon and being thorough with every client.

Waxing in Bentleigh ,Bentleigh East has become competitive but our exclusive formulas and techniques makes our products standout from the crowd. Some clients say after a brazilian ”was that it very little pain” ”best wax i have ever had”.

Once the waxing has been completed, a soothing tea tree lotion is applied to nourish and calm the skin helping it to recover quickly from the waxing treatment.

Benefits of salon waxing bentleigh:

  • Will help keep skin looking naturally smooth
  • Eliminates stubble growth
  • Waxing lasts 4-6 weeks – compare that to shaving which can last just a day or two
  • Hairs become sparse over time
  • Hairs become finer and weaker
  • Slows down hair growth

 New to DeluxeBeauty is Opulence Hot Wax:

Opulence hot wax can be applied to the same area many times without trauma or irritation being caused to the skin. Its less painful than other hot waxes.

During the waxing treatment a specific soothing pre- wax oil is applied to ensure that only hairs are removed, with no stress to the skin and maximum comfort achieved.

Opulence Hot Wax is highly recommended for small and intimate areas.

All our waxes including our strip wax is of the highest quality and our aim is to get you in and out as fast as possible.